SEO Bootcamp – SEO Workshop in Atlanta, GA – January 24 2013

Pam Adams of The Bizlynks Center talks with Jeff Beale (Mr. Marketology) and Tom Shivers about the highly anticipated up and coming SEO bootcamp held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 24th 2013.

Pam: The SEO Bootcamp is coming to The BizLynks Center, located in Duluth,
GA, toward the end of January. Joining me today to talk about this
training is Jeff Beale of Mr. Marketology and Tom Shivers of Capture
Commerce who have come together to form SEO in a Can.

Jeff, why don’t you start by telling us what the SEO Bootcamp is about.

Jeff: Yes, Pam, thanks for having me. We’re really excited about this training because…
The SEO bootcamp provides a practical approach to SEO.  It gives the
insights that companies large and small as well as agencies use to get
ranking, more traffic and more customers.  It also covers some of the
tools to help automate the process and give options of how to implement
the strategies either yourself or with a staff that works within your

It takes the mystery out of SEO

The SEO Bootcamp is also different from other SEO courses or classes where
you may not be getting the hands on from people who are experts in the
industry. Who would you rather learn from, a professor or a guy who’s
getting results now?

Pam: Tom, who is the SEO bootcamp designed for, who would get the most from your training?

Tom: Pam thanks for having me. SEO bootcamp is really for two different
groups: business owners and online marketing managers. I’ll let Jeff
address the online marketing managers.

Small business owners are looking to take their competition to the woodshed
and they don’t want to hire an agency to do it. They want to see that
their investment is being returned in a measurable way that ties back to
their SEO efforts. Basically if your business is dependent on search
traffic today, you see your competition above you in the search results
and you just want to win.

The problem is most small businesses have been scammed or heard of scams
and are coming to the realization that SEO has to be done right by
experienced adults and business professionals with proven track records.
They know just reading SEOMoz is not going to get them results and they
are probably tired of all the noise seen on SEO how to sites, they need
hands-on mentoring and training to show them how to get up and run with it.

Jeff: Online marketing managers typically know SEO in general, but they need
guerilla tactics that deliver results. They want to show the higher ups
measurable results and be able to assure them that they are putting
their resources in the right place; and that they are providing value
beyond just rankings and traffic. They want to show that SEO is
interwoven into the overall online success matrix of the business.

The real frustration is not knowing how to logistically handle SEO in a way
that can be conducted long term.  This builds unrealistic expectations
and the ROI starts to creep due to misguided experimental tactics. Also the fear of being penalized causes marketing paralysis.

Their major fear is that they will get left behind with the changes that
marketing and the Internet has made in the past few years.  Their
competitors will lap them if they cannot compete on that stage.

They want to know:

  • How can we market the company more effectively with an affordable budget and a staff we can handle?
  • How can we get in front of more prospective customers without spending a large advertising budget?
  • How can we leverage the Internet with limited knowledge, resources and time without needing to hire a big agency?
  • How can we get the other departments onboard with our SEO efforts? What do
    we need to do to make them understand the importance of collaborative
    efforts from web design to content development?

Pam: How did you create the SEO Bootcamp training?

Tom: I’m a seasoned SEO professional with more than 12 years of SEO and Internet marketing experience under my belt.

My knowledge and philosophy of SEO have formed over the years while
working with large and small businesses that pursue traffic from search

My techniques are the main reason my clients have risen to the top spots
in Google for their competitive keywords and untold numbers of
“long-tail” keywords. My approach converts traffic into delivered
business goals. I’ve produced sophisticated SEO strategies from concept
to link-building implementation, social media to conversion tracking to
get results. And I’ve done it over and over with scores of

Jeff: This solution was created from years of working in the SEO space.  From
providing SEO to large and small companies as well as working with SEO
agencies.  I have seen algorithms come and go, but one thing I noticed
is that the methods we use and teach have stood the test of time

Pam: How or why did you decide to share your secrets?

Tom: I really love all things online marketing and Google, I know it sounds
crazy because it’s constantly changing and more things keep coming into
the mix but I really do thrive off of it and love staying ahead of the
curve. Because of my clients I never really had time to teach this
except to people I hired, and I did that informally. I never wanted to
teach this stuff even though I’ve been asked numerous times to teach or train people on
the techniques I’ve developed. But now, because SEO and
marketing are so closely intertwined and because I’ve decided to step up
and take on a leadership role in the SEO community, I’m finally putting
it all together in a course.

The larger purpose:

  • I know how hard it can be to get to the top of those rankings.
  • I know that conversion is what businesses want out of SEO, paid search, social media and all traffic sources.
  • I know today’s young professionals are hungry to use their skills in my
    industry and I want them to get a good start to their careers by
    influencing them with my philosophy and values.

Implementing SEO is not hard to do today, what is hard is knowing that you have the
SEO strategy that will produce results if you execute it.

That’s why I partnered with Jeff in putting this course together.

Jeff: I feel that with the knowledge and tools, the SEO playing field is
level and any business can compete.  I read so many theories and seen
algorithm changes that make the average business frustrated with SEO.
But when looking at it from a practical view and not taking any word as
law, we can see what works for each industry.  By teaching the best
practices of SEO, we can arm businesses with the knowledge and tools
needed to succeed, no matter what algorithm changes come in the future.

Tom: Unfortunately, because this is going to be an interactive class, we’re
going to have to limit the number of attendees to 40. If you’re
interested, please sign up right away before it fills up.

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Pam: Thanks Jeff and Tom. You can learn more about the SEO Bootcamp at  We also encourage you to join Jeff and Tom to learn more about SEO at the workshop.  Seats are filling up fast.  You can get more details about the event as well as reserve your seat at

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